Introducing Christina – Destination Specialist

     Destination Specialist


With over 20 years in the travel industry, I am happy to recommend some incredible and unique holidays for all my clients.  What I love most about places like Australia and New Zealand is the endless options for travellers.  From unique native wildlife encounters to helicopter tours overlooking the stunning Great Barrier Reef to world-renowned cuisine options directly from Australia’s unspoilt landscapes that always produce such fresh ingredients and produce, and even dining options like dining under the stars in The Outback; there’s always something for any kind of traveller that’ll leave a lasting impression forever.


When visiting some of the breathtaking South Pacific islands, you won’t be disappointed!  Countries like Samoa give travellers a true glimpse of their rich culture with the community’s 3000-year-old way of life that’s still practiced today, the impressive lava fields, powerful blow holes, the inland waterholes such as To Sua Ocean Trench and so much more.  Cook Islands offers the beauty of Hawaii, but 50 years earlier, with its near-secluded beaches, its unspoilt beauty where there are no major name brands like Starbucks; plus, the main island of Rarotonga has rich, jungle-clad mountains and a safe, calm lagoon ringing the island.  Exploring many of these islands in the South Pacific is super easy too as there is rarely much ground to cover as commuting is often on only on just a few main roads, and there’s hardly any traffic jams or obstacles!


When I am on long flights, which is a worry for most people, I tend to use this time to get some much-needed sleep!  After all, you’re heading into a very different time zone and the best thing you can do before you land and start a new adventure is to sleep!  Sleep, watch movies and generally enjoy relaxation – let the start of your journey be easy!  Once you’ve reached your destination, there will be plenty of opportunities to move around and be active – from cruising to train journeys and self-drives – I recommend them all and you’ll want to be constantly on the move, exploring, experiencing and loving every second of your vacation.


A travel quote I love: “People don’t take trips…….Trips take People” – Unknown 


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