Introducing Laurel - Destination Specialist

Laurel - Destination Specialist     Laurel - Destination Specialist


I have been in the travel industry since 1985.  I am fortunate to have travelled extensively and I continue to get excited over discovering new places, especially within the South Pacific. Australia and New Zealand for instance are both so full of many different experiences, unique animals like koalas, kangaroos, kiwis and yellow-eyed penguins… and world-renowned food and wines! Australia has some of the best beaches in the world; the country’s ancient rainforests and the night skies are really like no other.  There is just so much to experience and discover that you may find you’ll need to return to see more!  New Zealand’s Southern Island reminds me of Canada a bit – we both enjoy climate changes and both require toques ”winter hats” and togs “swimsuit” (when in the winter season)! Queenstown offers world-class adventures and is perfect for thrill seekers. Lake Louise in Banff is like Franz Josef glacier, which can also be found in the Southern Island. When in New Zealand, do visit New Zealand’s Fjords in the South Island as well as the North Island’s underground caves that contain thousands of glow worms to light your path! These are experiences that cannot be missed!


If there’s something I can recommend when travelling in Australia: it is a balloon ride over Australia’s Red Centre!  As well, you’ll love a good snorkeling (or night dive!) excursion in the Great Barrier Reef.  Australia has always been in my heart… like a second home in the South Pacific. I made some local friends Down Under that showed me some wonderful and unique experiences. The locals are always so friendly. Australia is a country I have visited more than any other place in the world—15 times so far, but who’s counting?  It’s still not enough.


And in the South Pacific Islands – pure magic!! No photo shopping here, nothing you can find online, or on any postcard, is more gorgeous than the real thing! The South Pacific islands are really heavenly!  You can drink the water, speak the language and the Canadian dollar is of good value, too!  A hidden gem in the South Pacific? I recommend visiting the island of Vanuatu!  I found myself there unintentionally when a flight had to be diverted.  But was I ever thankful for that diversion – I liked the island so much so that I stayed a couple of extra days.  Vanuatu is where you’ll find some of the best scuba diving and a ton of waterfall sites too. I took a little trip by ferry to an island called Hideaway Island and just off the beach you can swim out to the world’s only underwater post office… purchase a waterproof postcard there and mail it to yourself at home as a neat souvenir!


I love working as a destination specialist for Downunder Travel.  This gives me the opportunity to help send clients to my most favorite parts of the world. Whether it’s a couple of weeks to get away and escape the winter or a long stay, trip of a lifetime, I would love to help make your travel dreams come true.  Don’t be too mindful of the long flights either – there’s nothing a nice cozy blanket, some good books and snacks won’t fix before you land in paradise.  Try to sleep if you can, so you can be sure to wake up in the time zone of the destination you’re arriving in!


A travel quote I love:

            “The sand may brush off,

              The salt may wash off,

              The tan may fade away but,

              The memories will last forever!”


Places I've Been:


New Zealand






Hong Kong